Wednesday, December 10, 2014

friend zoned

Its 10:53 am and I woke up with frankie on my mind... I hate that I'm falling for him I hate that I can't stop thinking about him because I'm pretty sure were not exactly on the same page. Here I am falling for him and he keeps throwing this "friend" word around. Like that all he wants to be. last night he sent me a text saying "I don't give up on anyone i become friends with." and that wasn't the first time he's emphasized this "friend" crap. before i had said most men give up on me before we get real serious and he replies "I never give up on my friends" see what i mean ugh!!! Maybe i'm reading too much into this.. I don't know maybe I'm overreactin. But its just that frankie is so perfect in every way I don't wanna be his friend. I wanna be so much more then that I wanna be his girlfriend his lover his future wife (sigh). And you know what i love that he is a wonderful father to his children and not trying to be mean but i kinda wish he didn't have any... i mean only because I wish i could be the woman to bear his first child... but sadly even if i get past this "friend" thing I may never have that joy....since frankie told me he's been...*fixed* (dun dun duuunnn). I guess thats just something i'll have to learn to live with if he ever decides to stop all this "friend" nonsense"

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