Thursday, December 18, 2014

playing doctor

o its finally the day that frankie and my scheules coincide enough for me to spend time with him again and guess what...... HE'S SICK! Thats right he got a fuckin sinus infection.. but its not his fault and besides i found a way to turn it around... i decided to play NURSE. So I took him some medicine and let me tell you this man is just as sexy even incapacitated in a bed. So I climbed in bed with him and he held me . ( I love being in his arm yay!) and he kissed me and pretty soon my heart start beating fast my body started heating up and i was more then ready to go to the next level. In my mind i thought I'm gonna tease him a little and make him want more so i could come back later that night after work...... unfortunately he had other things in mind.. Oh I started off in control... but at some point he took over . and let me tell you he moves damn well for a sick man.

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