Friday, January 9, 2015

afternoon delights in the devils den

So this is unusual its 2:19 in the afternoon... about half an hour ago i left frankie's house.... It was an innocent visit i swear.. idk what happened. I just wanted to see him and i was so happy and then things got real. His voice dropped to that girl i not playing with u tone and he told me to take my shorts off..... I tried to resist but come on this is frankie were talking about thats damn near impossible......first he tortured me feeling his tongue between my legs sent me into a frenzy. My legs shook and i clutched the sheets... he held my body so i couldn't run.....he didn't stop until i......... well. Next he grabbed my legs and pulled me closer saying he wanted it. i told him no you have to wait till you spend the night with me thursday.. *sigh* frankie wasn't hearin that i'm not sure if "no" is even actually in this mans vocabulary cause as many times as ive said it before he always seems to get what he wants. But i mean i love it... i didn't want it to end. he hit my spot with every stroke and made me hit high notes i didn't think i could ..... it was amazing (mind=blown)

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