Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Sooooo its THURSDAY!!! the epic night where frankie is supposed to spend the night with me yay !!! but i'm real nervous i keep rearranging my room its like the first time hes gonna see my house and im in total freak out mode. like what if he doesn't like the house... what if he doesn't like my family.. what if he decides never to come back again...so i tell my mom i'm like totally freaking and shes like now now >>insert my real name here<< your getting worked up over nothing. Those are all worse case scenarios and your over reacting. and im like over reacting?? worse case scenarios??? hold up hold up hold up hold up. I'm like mom worse case scenario would be like he sees me naked he laughs at me and then the world explodes into a milliontiny pieces making it so that were anilahated before i have a chance at redemptiong. That would be a worse case scenario. So i don't feel like im over reacting at all... In fact i may be under reacting, maybe i should kick it up a notch, and go strait psycho. So i'm like hyperventilating (breathes into paper bag) my asthma is acting up. my heart is beating at like 1000 bpm and i just feel like im gonna burst, So i have to make sure everything is absolutely 100 % perfect.... Frankie if you happen to read this PLEASE take note of the hell i go thru just because i love you (you can't tell me thats not real) lol.

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