Tuesday, January 20, 2015

in the throws of passion and the pit of love

Ok I lied I lied lied lied lied!!!! Its midnight and i'm laying here i can't get frankie out of my mind i went to see him earlier today and it was the most wonderful day ever.... so i tried to stick to what i said when i got there i tired not to pay attention to him... but he sensed that and just was not having it.. he did everything he could do to make me smile and it worked i was determined not to kiss him but those sexy lips of his were calling me those big strong hands of his were caressing me and that deep sexy voice of his was beckoning seducing me with every word.... I almost kept my head until...... I ended up in the shower with him (don't ask how) But then all hell broke lose and in the moment i couldn't pretend anymore i couldn't hold back to see that water cascading down that amazing body of his drove me insane.. i found myself in his arms kissing him passionately with my arms wrrapped around him ... i couldn't stop i couldn't get enough... yea we defiled the shower but am i shamed.....?? Nope after that shower my body was weak i couldn't feel my toes lol but gguess what.. Frankie wasn't done we stood in front of the sink where he put his hand in the middle of m back and made me bend over...... and well.... you can only imagine.....Then he picked me up and put me on the counter......it is safe to say my mind was offically blown..... and the sex wasn't even the best part..... Frankie... uttered words i thought he would never say... Frankie said he loved me.... I laid there on the bed trying to contain my scream of excitement but its safe to say this was the most wonderful day ive had since meeting him... he says i was totally glowing when he dropped me off and i can't help it i've said it before and i'll say it again i've fallen hard for this man i'm unchangeably irrevocably in love.

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