Friday, January 2, 2015

no turning back now

Soooo last night.....I don't know where TO BEGIN.... it was different.... amazingly passionate .... and suprisingly it didn't involve sex.....I made frankie mad... very mad... And you know what i may risk sounding like a freak or a masochist here but when he is mad that man is even sexier..... I wanted him so bad. but i was so upset with myself about making him mad I started to cry.... I havent cried in so long that once the tears started they just wouldn't stop I was so sad and I felt myself losing my happiness... And just when i thought all was lost....Frankie wasn't mad anymore but of course i was still sad he did everything he could to make me stop crying... he wouldn't let me leave the house until i was happy again he first i didn't wanna let him change my mood, i wanted to just sit there and sulk in my sadness.... But when i was standing up face to face with him..... my body just inches from his staring into his hypnotic hazel eyes, i couldn't help it.....One kiss was all it took for all hell to break lose and my hormom=nes to come bursting through the dam i so diligently built. The tears disappeared and the sobs went away replaced by breathless kisses and sighs of passion.. I felt my body heat up, I felt his nature rise, I felt .... His body pressed against me, his arms wrapped around me his lips on mine..... A moment so filled with passion.... I can't stay sad around frankie its impossible... I dont know what to do. just his touch... just his presence turns my whole day around.... he said it over and over last night.. those forbidden 3 words that is... that he loves me... I love him too and I know why........

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