Thursday, January 22, 2015

unbreak my heart say you love me again

Ok so i know a week ago when i posted i said that frankie broke my heart, that i was devastated, just totall freaken outdone by him leaving me in tears in the middle of the night oin what was supposed to be the best night of my life.....but guess what... here it is a week later and he fixed it.! thats right Frankie came over and spent the night with me last night only it wasn't like last time, it was wonderful and he didnt get mad he didn't leave we made love till both our bodys were sore and i fell asleep in his arms on his warm sexy body. All the kissing all the touching all the caressing and the amazing sex round after round after round, i lost count of how many times i reached climax, but i kept count of his :) over all it was one hell of a night and spending the night with him sleeping in his arms staring into his eyes i fell even deeper in love with him.

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