Saturday, February 14, 2015

And if i ever

Well this is it... i guees the end of my love story its been nearly 3 months since my mother moved away and I chose to stay and struggle on my own simply for the sake of being with frankie. Day after day i wanted to cry over and over again. I lost nearly everything i have very little clothes and no ral home and no real job but i stayed despite all of that because i didnt wanna leave him behind. But Frankie just called me. he says he doesn't ant to be with me any more..... it hurts ... or atleast it did at firsdt i mean i loved this man so much that i have his initials tattooed on my stomach but all of that means nothing now he said there is nothing i can do about it his mind is made up he didnt call me to talk it over he called me to give me a verdict from a trial i didn't even know was taking place. apparently ive been tried and convicted without even being allowed to take the stand. Frankie says im too far away because i live an hour away from him now but being an hour away is the only way i could keep from going 6 hours away to florida with my mother he was my only reason for staying now i have no reason at all. So You know what i give up. Love is hard and it hurts and i can't take it anymore if I'm not gonna love frankie then i'm not gonna love anyone i give up on love im done with relationships i'm not getting married im not dating im just done i can't do it anymore ive had my heart broken too many times. I love Frankie and i always will but this is it for me and love and this is it for the love stories page because when i look back and think about love this is the only love i wanna remember Frankie caressing and kissing me the laughs we had and how he made me feel i want his to be the last love i ever feel.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

cloud 9x3

So today started off as a really suck ass kind of day. Frankie brought me to tears because he said he wasn't coming to see me, I was so sad i had given up hope about him coming. But just when i did he shows up and sweeps me off my feet out yonder window and down a rope on to his valiant steed (ok so maybe he didn't really have a valiant steed). Oh it was wonderful walking around the mall hand in hand with this man brought an endless smile to my face. we laughed and kissed and hugged and touched, and i floated around the mall taking in the envious onlookers knowing that they only wish they knew love like this. I was so blissfully happy high off of the strongest drug possible ( SIgh) Love! I was so far past CLOUD 9 it was more like cloud 27 for me. :