Monday, March 30, 2015

Benji The European playboy

Theres one man at my sucky job that stands out above the rest.... That would be Benji The european playboy. Benji is a five foot 9 gorgeous african -italian, sweet talkin, charismatic, flirtatious embodiment of sexuality. And I mean every word of that. Imagine a semi- tall dark rugged sexy guy with a great build and I walked that says "I know i'm sexy. He has a smile that will make your heart skip a beat and a velvety smooth voice that will leave your panties wet. He says naughty things that will catch you off guard and just his presence will keep you horny. i love and absolutely hate the affect he has on me. It drives me crazy... no I've never done anything with benji but that doesnt mean he doesn't affect me. I think he might affect me more then anyone else. Benji and I spend a lot of time around each other we eat lunch together and hang out together on breaks and yes he affects me but I would never admit it. Benji Makes me fucking melt especoially when hes close to me i feel hot and wet and primal... but of course I'd never tell him that. Remember those naughty girl tendencies I was talking about? Benji sends those into over drive.

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