Monday, March 30, 2015

that unfulfilled feeling

Ok so I always thought that the whole point of having a man live with you and sleep next to you every day was so that you wouldn't have to go far for pleasure.... well I mean I know thats not the whole point but come on I'm 21 I'm freaken hormonal. And Heres the problem I'm engaged.... I mean the problem isnt that I'mm engaged its that my fiance is... well he's..... he always wants to make love. I mean like he just wants to be soft and sweet and gentle and thats not what i want. Not what I need. I crave domination, I crave that overpowering feeling that helplessness and he just doesnt give it to me. i want rough sex, I want to be spanked and man handled and choked and he wants to do missionary and kiss me and dont get me wrong I'm not against the slow sweet love makin but can some one please give this man a copy of fifty shades of grey!

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