Monday, April 27, 2015

Broken hearts and foriegn affairs

So that was it I kicked that unfulfilling loser to the curb but it ended in tears and him taking my car but nevertheless he's gone. So I cried and who else did i call? Benji the european playboy. So he showed up late at night it was like 3am like a dark knight in shinning armor and that night there was something about him, something more alluring then normal. And I tried to resist him i was lieing on the bed talking to him with tears running down my face, i guess he couldnt stand to see me cry. he pulled me into his arms and wiped away my tears, and it was something about that, being pressed against his chest the smell of his cologne invading my senses the feel of him surrounding me...... I completely lost it, next thing I know we were on the bed and my clothes were on the floor. and his lips were on my neck touching feeling kissing I was consumed by his passion. I mean benji has turned me on before but never like this. To feel him like this all over me I just couldnt get enough. (not to mention I had ben imagining having sex with him for the better part of 2 months now...... it was ... all around amazing. I started off on top with his hands locked on my hips and the suprised look on his face stroked my ego while the rest of me stroked his.... well you know. Then all hell broke lose when he flipped me on to my back he grabbed my thighs and lifted them high into the air and pushed so deep he connected with that spot instantly and i lost all train of intelligent thought ant the only thing i could think to say was yes don't stop.

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