Sunday, August 16, 2015

Never take love advice from a single person

Read the title of this post.... Its a lie!!! lies lies lies all lies!!!! There are great reasons to take love advice from people who seem to be eternally single. 1) single people are experts on what not to do. Obviously we have done things your ought not which is exactly why were single, if its one thing i can give you an entire list on it would be what not to do. 2)As a single person for some odd reason all of our happily tied down friends use as an impartial ear to vent to there fore our days are spent listening to other peoples relationship problems. so we become experts on what every one else is doing wrong too. Onne thing i've done as a single person is read a lot of romance novels and a lot of single women do I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on romance. These are just a few reasons to take love advice from single people but trust me there are a lot more.